Tree Trimming In Baytown, TX.


If you think one or several of your trees or shrubs would benefit from a good trim, Baytown Tree Service Experts can help you in all aspects of tree trimming and removal. Contact us to make an appointment with our tree specialists and we’ll take care of the rest.

In common language, the terms tree trimming and pruning are used interchangeably but in arboriculture, they DO mean two very different things.

The term trimming refers to the amputation of tree limbs, removal of deadwood and branches for a specific purpose; usually for the good of the tree and its owner. There are several reasons why someone would want to trim back a tree.

For example, to allow more sunlight to reach the garden, to make room for an extension or new construction, to clear limbs that are interfering with roofs, buildings, utility lines, poles or simply to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

In some case, trimming back hard is needed to attempt to save a diseased or damaged tree. In these instances, our arborists will be able to determine the likelihood of the tree surviving and thriving after the work.

Tree Trimming Costs / Tree Trimming Prices


Tree maintenance costs vary widely from one property to the next. Hiring an arborist to trim only one tree can cost $90 to $1,000+, with $280 to $500 being the average price.

Some clients are hesitant to call upon a tree care service provider because they estimate the cost is too great, but this this can lead to more pricy problems in the future.

At Baytown Tree Service Experts, we promise to deliver the most cost effective tree care at the most reasonable price. At least 25% of our business accounts for trimming and pruning because our customers see the value in taking a pro-active approach to tree care.

Our whole team is dedicated to providing the expertise needed for residential and commercial customers to make an informed decision pertaining to the health and beauty of their property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What months are best for tree trimming?

Planned trimming of most trees and shrubs should be done during their dormant stage which is between November and March. This is the time when they’re less susceptible to disease and insects; giving them a better chance to heal. Of course if your tree is damaged or broken by a storm, it should be trimmed or removed completely regardless of the time of the year.

How often should trees be trimmed?

Generally, young trees should be trimmed at least every 2 years while more mature trees should be trimmed at least every 2 to 5 years. This greatly depends on the tree species and their life-cycle. Your arborist will be able to determine the frequency that’s needed and make a recommendation. 

How do you properly trim a tree?

If you’re going to take on trimming yourself, be sure you’re using the proper tools for the job. Your clippers and saws should be sharp and clean to ensure best results. Determine what is the tree’s main trunk (the skeleton) and never touch this part. Cut smaller limbs about 1 to 2 inches from the main truck, never tearing the bark. 

How do you know when to trim a tree?

Branches that are broken, weak, dead or look diseased should be trimmed off. Also, limbs that are interfering with structures should be cut back before they cause serious damage. Finally, densely growing limbs that prevent the tree from growing properly and hinder the growth of other branches should be trimmed.